Beating Heart Tee


One of my favourite knits, so far this year, has been the Beating Heart Tee by Megan-Anne Llama.

Yarn – Indy dyed yarn by LittleMouseHouse UK. Was a fade set called Clara that I bought with an Etsy voucher I got from my daughter for my birthday at Xmas. It was on sale, so saved about £30! Well pleased with myself.

I loved doing this. Wasn’t what I was going to use the yarn for but it came up on Ravelry just after I’d ordered the yarn and I couldn’t resist

The yarn was normal sock weight, but I went the next size up in needles and it seemed to work – in fact it’s come up perfectly for what I wanted!

Yarn colour fade section – As I had three different colours of yarn I decided to merge the red and pink. I had intended to do a fade shawl before I spotted this, so I thought that’s what I’d do here. I’m really pleased with how it came out.
I also added a faux sleeve layer as I had some of the pink left over. To me I think it balances out with the fade section. Plus gives me 3/4 sleeves with a little quirk!