Bespoke Upcycled bags

Each bag is individually made, using as many upcycled fabrics, bags and other items as possible. Other fabrics and trimmings may be added to complete the bag. Upcycled materials can be from the Aelf Makes stock or supplied by you. Special consideration taken to those cherished memory materials that you may wish to include.
The design is most often dictated by the materials available, so a design sketch will be offered for approval. Some elements may change as the bag is constructed, due to the nature of the materials used.

CuteBackPack-Claire Sears

Size subject to individual design.
Price: £70 – 150 (subject to individual design)

Memory Bears

Memory bears are made from used and pre-loved clothes, such as your child’s uniform, sports shirts, clothes of a loved one or those special baby clothes that you’d like to keep. These are for keepsakes and not to be used as a toy, due to the materials involved.
Design and size of the bear is individual to each commission.


Price: £80 (plus postage)

Appliqué Cards

These are made from various upcycled fabric off-cuts and printed fabrics, layered with machine appliqué. The cards are perfect for any occasion, and can be very easily framed for the wall!

Standard size: 14cm x 14cm
Price: £5 (plus postage) – contact for other options.
Hand made individually. Please allow 4-5 days for delivery.