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    Welcome to Aelf Makes!

    My place for all things creative. Claire x This is my corner of the internet where I can gather all my inspiration and crafting makes. I hope you enjoy my journey as much as me. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Note on the Website Currently, I am working my way through designing this website – so you may encounter a few technical issues! I’m definitely more of a visual person, rather than a coder, so it does take me some time to work out how it all works. Please do let me know if you come across any technical oddities, and/or any solutions!

  • Make Do and Mend Tutorials

    “Make Do and Mend” Tutorials

    Preparing Unravelled Yarn I love looking through my grandma’s knitting and craft book: so interesting to see the history and to see how much has changed, and how much has not! In these books, there are some great tips, which I hope to share here. I thought to start with reusing yarn, as I’m often repurposing yarn from previous projects, to knit new items. Now, even though I don’t always prepare the yarn properly (I have to own up, I often just want to get on and knit with the yarn), it does make a difference in results and is worth trying out. The following is quoted from, “Modern Knitting…

  • Tabora Olympic Suit - Header
    Knitting & Crochet

    Tabora Olympic Suit

    Back in December @NostalgiaRules advertised a Knit Along with two options to knit. Immediately, I fell in love with the 1930s design, with its puffy sleeves, longer length and all of the accessories. (I did also like the other cardigan)! So, of course I quickly signed up! Choosing Yarn I was seeming a plum/burgundy colour for this, even though the original suggested colours were blues, white and red. After a good play with the colours, I settled on the plum, and fell in love with the brick red and, especially the petrol as the accent colour. Eventually, I decided to go with the dark grey for the main colour, instead…

  • Rockin Around Sweater
    Knitting & Crochet

    “Rockin’ Around” Sweater

    Well, Poison grrls have done it again, with this fun holidays sweater! So, obviously I had to knit it straight away. Choosing Yarns I couldn’t resist using the tinsel yarn, featured in the sample sweater, and going full sparkly for this project! After a lengthy, but enjoyable, deliberation, I decided on going for a “subtle” combination, with an iridescent white tinsel alongside the sparkly cream. I had thought to use one of the silver shades, for full vintage kitsch, but then I thought about going for one of the pinks – so many of those to choose from. I even wondered about going Snow Queen blue, but I was really…

  • Disney Castle
    Costumes & Cosplay

    Disneyland Costumes

    Tinkerbell One of the 2nd Disneyland trip costumes. Tinkerbell has always been my daughter’s favourite, and so she wanted to dress as Tinkerbell for the second time we went to the magical place. As she had grown out of her previous costume, she wanted a mummy-made outfit this around. I used a basic child’s dress pattern to style. The fabric is in two layers: a lime green cotton, with bright green sparkly organza over the top. I sewed bother layers together as one, so that the seam allowance was hidden. The hem was appliquΓ©d into leaf like shapes. Pom poms were added to some green ballet pumps. Wings were bought…

  • Steampunk Dress
    Costumes & Cosplay

    Steampunk Vampire Dress

    Steampunk Vampire Dress …upcycled from a pair of curtains! Featured Image: Photo of the girl wearing the costume outside, at night. It is dark. She is sitting on a swing. She has vampire makeup on. The photo is made to look old. This is the Steampunk costume that I’ve been making for my daughter. It is entirely made from a pair of curtains which we found at a charity shop. And with vampire teeth, the costume makes a very good Victorian Gothic Vampire dress for Hallowe’en, too! Image: A full length photo of a girl in the costume dress. It is a side view, holding her hands together, poised in…

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