• Make Do and Mend Tutorials

    “Make Do and Mend” Tutorials

    Preparing Unravelled Yarn I love looking through my grandma’s knitting and craft book: so interesting to see the history and to see how much has changed, and how much has not! In these books, there are some great tips, which I hope to share here. I thought to start with reusing yarn, as I’m often repurposing yarn from previous projects, to knit new items. Now, even though I don’t always prepare the yarn properly (I have to own up, I often just want to get on and knit with the yarn), it does make a difference in results and is worth trying out. The following is quoted from, “Modern Knitting…

  • Tutorial for Covered Belt Buckle

    Covered Belt Buckle

    Making a Scout Dress belt This month, one of the things I’ve been working on is the July Gertie Patreon – Scout Dress. To accompany the dress, there is a belt. Check out the Charm Patterns Blog for details on how to make. It’s been a lifetime ago that I last made a belt, so I absolutely had to make one for my dress! I couldn’t get a belt buckle kit, so improvised! Covering a Belt Buckle YOU WILL NEED: belt buckle (either repurposed or bought*) small piece of fabric, enough to cover both front and back of buckle iron on interfacing thread *As I wanted a specific size and…

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