Beating Heart Tee


One of my favourite knits, so far this year, has been the Beating Heart Tee by Megan-Anne Llama.

Yarn – Indy dyed yarn by LittleMouseHouse UK. Was a fade set called Clara that I bought with an Etsy voucher I got from my daughter for my birthday at Xmas. It was on sale, so saved about £30! Well pleased with myself.

I loved doing this. Wasn’t what I was going to use the yarn for but it came up on Ravelry just after I’d ordered the yarn and I couldn’t resist

The yarn was normal sock weight, but I went the next size up in needles and it seemed to work – in fact it’s come up perfectly for what I wanted!

Yarn colour fade section – As I had three different colours of yarn I decided to merge the red and pink. I had intended to do a fade shawl before I spotted this, so I thought that’s what I’d do here. I’m really pleased with how it came out.
I also added a faux sleeve layer as I had some of the pink left over. To me I think it balances out with the fade section. Plus gives me 3/4 sleeves with a little quirk!

Inspiration: Lisa Lam

I discovered Lisa when I was browsing for some bag making equipment. Looking through her website, I found many of her bag designs to be the sort of things I would make too! There are also some great materials in her shop, which have been very useful. I’ve always loved making bags, so it was great to see that there were other people that liked doing the same.

An inspiration for me to get on and make my own patterns for bags!

Lisa Lam’s website is U-Handbag