Making a Scout Dress belt

This month, one of the things I’ve been working on is the July Gertie PatreonScout Dress. To accompany the dress, there is a belt. Check out the Charm Patterns Blog for details on how to make. It’s been a lifetime ago that I last made a belt, so I absolutely had to make one for my dress!

Slide 1: I couldn’t get a belt buckle kit, so improvised! – So, with one belt buckle (from the Trimmingshop on Etsy)
– Cut a piece of fabric large enough to wrap around the buckle.

Slide 2: Sew a running stitch around outer edge of fabric. Pull thread so the fabric wraps around the buckle.
Overlap and sew the inner edge to the edge with the running stitch, keeping as taught as possible.
– Looks a little messy!!! But wait –

Covered belt buckle instructions - 1
Covered belt buckle instructions - 2

Slide 3: Draw around the buckle on another piece of fabric and cut around the shape.
With right side up, place the cut out shape onto the back of the buckle. Carefully turn under a small amount of the fabric edge, and sew into place. all around.

Slide 4: TA DA! One finished, covered belt buckle!

Covered belt buckle instructions - 3
Covered belt buckle instructions - 4


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