Make Do and Mend Tutorials

“Make Do and Mend” Tutorials

Preparing Unravelled Yarn

I love looking through my grandma’s knitting and craft book: so interesting to see the history and to see how much has changed, and how much has not!

In these books, there are some great tips, which I hope to share here.

I thought to start with reusing yarn, as I’m often repurposing yarn from previous projects, to knit new items. Now, even though I don’t always prepare the yarn properly (I have to own up, I often just want to get on and knit with the yarn), it does make a difference in results and is worth trying out.

The following is quoted from, “Modern Knitting Illustrated” by Jane Koster and Margaret Murrey (Odhams Press Ltd).

Modern Knitting Illustrated

Unravelling Wool

Even when a knitted garment is torn and worn, there is generally enough good yarn left in it for re-knitting into something smaller, or for combining with other wool to make another garment.

Unpick all seams carefully, avoiding cutting the loops of wool so that there will not be too many joins. Commence unravelling the garment from the cast-off edge, pulling gently to disengage the loops. As the wool is freed, wind it around a large book, pastry board, or other suitable article.

When good amount of wool has been wou d in this way, take it carefully off the book and tie it in three or four places to make a skein.

After unpicking the whole garment in this way, wash the skeins gently in soapy water, or if necessary, dye them. It is not always necessary to re-dye patchy wool as the uneven colour can be quite attractive when re-knitted, provided the contrast is not too violent.

Now thread or tie the wet skeins on a line to dry, fastening a weight on to the bottom of them, to take out the crinkles.

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